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  • ✅ A game changer for experienced footballers wanting to improve their kicking


    My revolutionary coaching style is the key to having more confidence in your kicking technique and it can be achieved through my AFL Kicking Guide.


    No matter where you live, you can kick with more confidence utilising the secrets that I discovered as a Punter in American Football combined with my professional education in Sports Science. 


    📈I promise you will kick with more accuracy, consistency and power so you can play with more confidence and enjoy the game more.


    🏉I played footy my whole life and even though I played for the GWS Giants I had no confidence in my kicking... But then I became a punter in American football and all I did was kick a ball.... Therefore, I learned how to effectively analyse, drill and develop the technique to perform successfully for a multimillion-dollar organisation (LSU). 


    It's not your fault that your kicking is not elite yet. You've just never had the right coaching that develops your technique and instils the confidence you need to be successful. 


    🤦‍♂️Unfortunately, most coaches don't understand the biomechanical process of AFL kicking and can't help you because they have their game plan to focus on. But now you can get expert guidance to improve your technique without having to ask anyone. 


    So you can either keep kicking how you are now... It's inconsistent, inaccurate, and lacks penetration... (it's sh*t, let's be honest)


    ...or you can download this guide with expert video demonstrations and join the hundreds of men and women who are getting instant results to take your kicking to a higher level.


    Don't miss out on this opportunity and get left behind - see why it has over 5000 downloads & 500+ 5-star reviews from people just like you.


    Why trust The Kicking Consultant?

    🫵I have been in your shoes... Wanting to improve your kicking, but not getting the help you need or being too embarassed to ask.

    🏈I have now taken what I learned as a punter in America and put it in this guide (which took 2 years to create) to help you. 

    🎓I utilise my education in Sports Science and Masters in High Performance Sports to improve your technique efficiently as possible.


    The effectiveness of this guide comes from the way it progresses from simple to advance phases. It contains tips, drills and insights, focusing on the five fundamentals (Grip, Guide & Drop, Balance, Contact and Follow-through) before progressing to more advance kicks such as On the Run, Distance and Goal Kicking. It even has a bonus section on Torps, Snaps and Bananas!


    An in-person coaching session costs you time, money and energy. This guide gives you access to thousands of coaching hours, at your fingertips, instantly and forever so you can constantly progress at your own pace, and not have to rely on the schedule of someone else.


    👉 Simply click the "Buy Now" button & go through the simple & secure checkout process to get INSTANT access. 


    My goal is to make elite-level coaching accessible and affordable to all -  but I am only willing to help those who want to help themselves. So if you're not one of those people don't bother downloading this guide. 


    So you can either get this guide while it's on sale (sale ends at the end of the month) and rapidly improve your technique, or miss out on this opportunity and keep kicking how you are now... it doesn't really bother me.


    🤝Oh and if you don't dramatically improve your kicking in less than 2 weeks, send me an email ( and I will refund your money-back. Granted you did what the guide suggests of course. Don't be lazy.



    Josh Growden




    I've been playing footy for a while now, will this help me?

    Yes, although beginners will benefit, this guide is designed for intermediate to advanced players utilising my elite-level experience & education. I don't teach people how to kick, I teach them to kick with more accuracy, consistency & penetration.

    Do I get to keep it forever?

    Yep! Just make sure you save the file to your device as the download link that gets emailed will expire after 30 days (website's policy, not mine)

    How do I get access to it?

    Simply click the BUY NOW button. You will then be prompted to enter your details. After your purchase, the Thank You page will appear where a download link will come up right next to the image of the guide. Click that link and it will instantly download on your device! 

    AFL Kicking Guide

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