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Gain more confidence in your technique to perform at an elite-level

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I improve the physical and mental performance of college and pro punters to help them gain more confidence in their technique so they can perform at their best. 

I utilize my experience as a division 1 punter (LSU & WVU) and pro athlete in the Australian Football League (AFL), along with my education in Sports Science (Bs.) and High Performance Sport (Ms.) to provide comprehensive online coaching.

Scroll down to see all my products and services that can improve your performance no matter where you live.

Online Coaching Packages

Invest in yourself.


Online coaching packages are designed for pro punters or free agents looking to go to the next level. 

You will fast-track your development in  all areas of performance so you can punt at your best when it counts.

If you are not sure if these coaching packages are for you, then book an Online Punting Consultation and let's see if it suits you.

The coaching options below are for 4 x monthly payments. 10% discounts apply for upfront payment. Prices are in AUD (check currency converter).

  • Punters - Complete

    Every month
    Comprehensive coaching for the elite
    Valid for 4 months
    • Weekly Technique Analysis and/or Game Review
    • Strength & Power Programming to maximize your technique
    • Mobility & Flexibility Programming to improve longevity
    • Nutrition & Recovery plans to maximise adaptations
    • Mental & Wellbeing Advice to enhance performance
    • Completely individualized for you!
  • Punters - Concise

    Every month
    Simple & effective technique improvement
    Valid for 4 months
    • Monthly Video Calls
    • Weekly Technique Analysis and/or Game Review
    • A complete audit of your training program
Training Programs

Train effectively to improve your punting performance.

These Training Programs have been created out of necessity. 

I know what it is like to have to do the same gym exercises as a linebacker or running back because your strength coach does not cater the program to punters like yourself.

With my Bs in Sports Science, Ms in High Performance Sport and accreditation in Strength & Conditioning, you can be assured that these programs are just what you need.

Click on each product to learn more

Online Consultation

A simple and effective 1-on-1 video call to enhance your technique

Send footage that you want me to go over with you.

I will provide a professional analysis giving you the key areas to improve on and the best way to do so.

You will then go out and punt better with a new level of confidence.


Click the button below to book a time that suits you

Watch an Online Consultation below with former Big 10 All-American and CFL Punter, Blake Hayes

Online Consultation

Trusted by the pro's

Cameron Johnston, NFL


Jordan Berry, NFL


Blake Hayes, CFL

"I am a punter in America, now playing professionally in Canada and Josh has really helped me progress on the field with my punting and off the field with my strength and conditioning.
His punting technique teachings are not the same for everyone, instead, he works with your current technique and finds the best way to maximize it. This is the best way to do things in my opinion."


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