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Elite-level coaching for the local footballer

Improving all areas of performance without overtraining is the key to success on the field, and it can be achieved only through my online training program.

Who this is for

This is for amateur footballers in their 20's wanting to become better players (and people) without sacrificing their work, relationships or social lives.

Why this works

My program promises to help you become a well-rounded player and person by taking care of ALL areas of your performance... from strength and conditioning to nutrition, kicking, game sense, leadership and more!

Other programs focus on just one area and leave you to your own devices. This program covers everything with an expert dedicated to each pillar, because it takes all cylinders to be firing to perform at your best on game day. And by being guided by experts you can work smarter, not harder and never have to second-guess what you are doing.

I promise you will become an absolute specimen after this program who will dominate on the field and succeed outside in life.

Who will be guiding you

I am Josh Growden, I played footy my entire life and was fortunate enough to play for the GIANTS, but then I broke my leg and could only manage to play in the reserves. Therefore, after being de-listed, I became a High Performance Manager and expert kicking coach to help players like you have a more enjoyable footy career than I did.

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Don't let this new opportunity slip

It's not your fault you are not playing at the level you want to be, you just don't get the right coaching that taps into your potential. Unfortunately, coaches at amateur level don't have the time or resources to get the most out of you as an individual and other programs aren't run by people who understand what struggles you are going through.

So you can either try and go about it on your own, or you can apply for this program and be one of the small number of people selected.

I get it

I have been in your shoes. Wanting to be a better player, but not getting the support you need. Knowing you are capable of more, but being told you are not good enough. I have been through the struggles at the highest level. I have pushed through injuries. I have battled with doubt.  I have gone through it all so I can help people like you.

How it works

Everything will be provided to you in an easy-to-use app that most professional sporting organisations use. You will join a group chat of other men your age and receive private weekly check-ins, video overviews, expert performance presentations (via Zoom) and text/call support.

How you can join

  1. Click the 'Apply now' button and put forward your best application for being involved.

  2. If you seem like a good fit for this program you will be invited to join a live webinar.

  3. Following the webinar you can  book a call with me to sign up!

What current members are achieving...

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Dan, 28


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Matt, 25

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Matt, 24

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Dylan, 25

What current members are saying...

"I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the first for Josh’s post/pre season program... It has changed the way I look at gym workouts from mobility, plyometrics and injury prevention... My own personal gain has been huge, speed, endurance power, mobility and jumping has all increased dramatically. Josh is very knowledgeable and thorough and couldn’t recommend him enough."  - Matt, 25 VIC

"Have been training with Josh for just under a month now and couldn’t recommend him enough. As someone who was after structured training with a good variety of lifting and conditioning, it was exactly what I was searching for. He got me out of a slump and keen to train again." - McCauley 28, QLD

 "I live over 2000km away [from Josh] , and have still been able to achieve my goals through Josh's programs and coaching. I'm down 12kgs, fitter and stronger than ever before and feeling great. I highly recommend Josh's products and services for improving your physical capability and game skills. Great guy, great service, great results" - Dan, 28 WA

Ready to get started?

If you are looking to take your game to the next level, this coaching program could be the perfect thing for you. 

Apply today to be considered for the next intake

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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