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A gold mine for punters trying to figure out their training.


📈 This lower body program will develop your strength, stability and explosiveness so you can have a more powerful punt!


It's designed to be a tool to faciliate both athletes and strength coaches design specific lower body programs to benefit punters so they can perform at their best.


There are 200+ exercises, including:

Warm up movements:

  • Dynamic
  • Flexibility & Mobility
  • CNS 
  • Plyometrics

Main exercises:

  • Olympic Power 
  • Body Weight or Light Load Power
  • Compound Double Leg & Single Leg
  • Isolated Double Leg & Single Leg
  • Movement Specific
  • Core Power & Strength
  • Lower Back

You should know how to do most of the exercises already, yet 99% of them have a demonstrational video linked so you can perform them properly.


The templates provided allow you to create your own workouts tailored to you:

  • Out-of-Season Strength
  • Out-of-Season Power
  • In-Season Strength
  • In-Season Power


You simply select an exercise from the assigned category and choose the sets and reps based the guidelinesprovided.


For example, exercise #1 may be a Compound Double Leg movement between 3-4 sets x 8-12 reps - so you simply choose an exercise from that category and designate a number of sets & reps within those ranges.


That's what makes this program unique. You aren't just getting a once-off program, you're getting a life-time program. You're getting the knowledge of a Division I punter, certified strength coach who has a Masters degree in High Performance Sport, all in one place!


Simply click the Buy Now button to go through the fast & secure checkout process to get instant access 

Punters' Workout Program

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